Your eligible deposits with Methodist Chapel Aid Ltd are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the £85,000 limit are unlikely to be covered.

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About Us

MCA makes loans to Trustees of Christian churches at the lowest practicable rates of interest as well as providing a secure home for savings of individuals, churches and other organisations. The rates of interest offered on these products vary but have always been competitive.

It is the Company's policy to maintain stability in interest rates, but this depends to some extent upon the Bank of England base rate.

The Company has recently undergone a re-branding exercise with MCA as its new short name and 'Funding for Churches' as its strap-line. '' is the new domain name. However, its registered name, Methodist Chapel Aid Limited, has been retained.

MCA was founded over 130 years ago by the prominent Primitive Methodist philanthropist William Hartley.

Since then the Company has sought to provide the highest quality of service in all of its activities, with each customer valued and treated fairly at all times.

We are a small friendly team – however you decide to contact us you can be assured of personal attention at all times.

Highlights in the Company's history are shown below:

1890    Registered as a Limited Company.

1900    Telford Terrace opened as the Company's office.

1908    Deposit and Loan accounts each totalled over £500,000.

1915    First investments in shares.

1925    First regular charitable donations made.

1926    Deposit account total peaked at £705,000.

1930s    Drop in activity, which continued during the war and afterwards, with £400,000 deposit and £126,000 loan totals in 1952.

2002    A decision was taken to widen the Company's objects to include, in addition to loans for the improvement of Methodist properties, loans for other related purposes and to other Christian Churches. The Company's name was changed to the current one, i.e. Methodist Chapel Aid Ltd.

2015    The Company re-branded as MCA.

2024    The Company moved premises to 53 Walmgate, York.